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This page is dedicated to Calgary and local area cars. Most these guys are 'car buddies' and some of them have really nice and unique cars. Both Steve and Bob have been in magazines before, which is quite an accomplishment for a car from Calgary. Some of the times may seem 'slow' to you guys from the coast, but a 10 second car at sea level can expect to run as much as 10 mph and 1.0 second slower in Clagary's 'shitty' air.

I think this is as clean looking as an 11 second car can get. The pro stars look trick. Andy ran 11's with his old motor and a bad S-trim (would only make 9psi). He recently sold the car to another buddy of mine who is sure to make it slower lol!

I don't usually like Mustang II's, but Steve's TFS high port 347 powered killer is beautiful. It ran deep into the 11's before he broke the stock 351 crank. Probably will go 10's once he gets a forged piece. Ever heard and 8000 rpm 347 from the drivers seat?

This is Bob's 'show car'. It has been in several magazines and is quite the head turner. It has Vortech power to back up its chrome and great looks! Bob is building a dedicated drag car (I think he's gunning to beat my 460 car !).

My buddy Les has a gorgeous ride. Problem is you can never get a good picture of it, there are always to many people standing around! It has paint you can brush your teeth in and 351w power to rattle the windows.

 Wayne has a neat car. It's actually an '83 Capri with all newer GT cosmetics and interior. It's got beautiful paint and runs 127mph thanks to 351w Procharger power. Damn impressive for a full interior daily driver.

 Well he's not from Calgary, but when he was here, Ed H. managed mid 12 second passes with his 'stock' class Stang. At sea level, he has actually run high 11's on his stock spec motor. Amazing!

This is my Old Merkur XR4Ti. I loved this car. High speed handling was amazing and with more boost, 3" exhaust and a ported intake manifold, it easily beat several low 14 second Mustangs. I regret selling it.

This is my buddy Ilker's '96 'Stang. He keeps it so clean, it always looks like he just bought it (don't you hate guys like him?). I convinced him to put underdrive pulleys on it and a 'cold air' induction package we made. Gears are next and I almost have him convinced on a turbo kit...

Ok, it's not fast, but it makes horsepower and torque in the thousands! It's also the world's biggest earth mover. That's me standing next to the tire - and I'm 6'2". Actually the motor drives a generator and there is an electric motor for each wheel.

The Killer '74 Duster. Very nice car belongs to my buddy Jason. 360 power, has gone 12.2 @ 113mph on Radial T/A's and 12.1 112 mph on Mcreary street tires. Another great, drivable street car.

This is 'ThunderCat'. A 460 in a Cougar? Well yes, and its got plenty of muscle to do in most any factory car. Hasn't been to the track yet, but has beat a couple low 12 second Mustangs. Can you say 'sleeper' boys and girls?

This is Chef-Boy-R-D's Mustang II (Actually his name is Richard and he is a Chef in real life). 302 power has propelled it to 13 second time with a small hit of NOS. Very clean in and out, and Richard is just finishing off a new 302 for it!



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