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The Killer Coupe

Well I donít own this car anymore but I am proud of it and enjoyed it alot.  I sold it in the
fall of Ď98 to a police officer!  Donít try and outrun him!  The quarter mile times donít do
this car justice, from 140mph and up it could out pull almost any motorcycle!

472 HP At The Wheels!

It Started life as a stock 302 with 200,000 km on it.  When I first got it I base lined it in Calgary (3300 feet) and it ran 15.0ís consistantly.  With gears, sticky tires and underdrive pulleys, it went 14.0 and won me a lot of bets (and street races!).  By the way, the correction factor our track uses is corrected for sea level, the 14.0 is a 13.39.  Anyway sticking with what I know works, I installed full length 1 5/8" headers and a 2.5" exhaust system.  After some tuning and experimenting with driving technique, It ran a best of 13.6 @ 99.2 mph (13.0 @  103.7 mph corrected).  

Over the winter I performed a quick Ďfreshení on the motor.  This included new rings and bearings (with a Ďtouch-upí hone job performed by my buddy Rick), an E 303 cam, ported stock heads with 1.94/1.6 valves, and 1.6 roller rockers.  The lower intake was port matched.  The mass air meter was bored to 61mm and the throttle body was left stock.  After these mods, the car went 13.1 @ 102.5 mph (12.53 @ 107.1 mph corrected).  Now the clincher.....the Powerdyne Supercharger.  Making 6 PSI at the guage, the car responded with an 11.9 @ 116 mph (I am told the correction factor doesnít apply to supercharged vehicles, so I am leaving it out from now on).  I was very impressed with the Powerdyne, but I knew the real reason for the great performance was the attention to detail in the hone and head work.  In this state of tune the car put 402 hp to the wheels and 410 lb ft of torque.  Then I added a Cobra Intake, 65mm throttle body, 30lb injectors, 73mm mass air and 3" exhaust system and 8 psi from the Powerdyne.  The car pulled like a banshee in the top end and the dyno numbers from the dynojet were equally impressive:  471 hp and 457 lb ft of torque (at the wheels)!.  This was one of the most powerful supercharged cars I had seen given the boost level....not to mention stock ported heads.  

Image of Dyno.gif

Unfortunatley this power never transformed into much of an ET or mph improvement. The gearing and tire size was obviously not optimized, however, some thought should be given to the fact that the car picked up 200 pounds of weight at the same time in the form of a steel bellhousing, Tremec transmission and 6 point roll bar.  Anyway the best I got out of it after was 11.72 @ 118 mph.

The Mods:
Stock 'freshened' 302 short block
  ∑ Arp rod bolts
  ∑ Windage tray
Stock Ported Heads
  ∑ 1.94/1.6 valves
  ∑ 1.6 Roller Rockers
E303 Camshaft
Cobra Intake, Port Matched
65mm Throttle Body
73mm Mass Air
30# Injectors
Powerdyne BD-11 Supercharger
  ∑ 8 Rib Drive Pulleys
  ∑ Bosch Bypass Valve
  ∑ 7" Integral Blower/Crank Pulley
Tremec 3550 Tranny
Cobra Clutch
Lakewood Scattershield
3.55 Gears, Stock Rear End

Over 500 HP


Some time ago, I had installed a Jamex Sportsline suspension package. I think the look was awsome and mean, but unfortunately it wasn't optimum for drag strip performance so I replaced it with 4 cylinder springs, shocks and struts. I include a picture here 'cause it looks cool, and some of you may wonder how your cars would look with the JAMEX kit.