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UPDATE!! The Incon Twin Turbo 1989 Mustang is up and running! Check the link to see some pictures of the ugly beast, dyno numbers and quarter mile performance. It is a LONG way from finsihed, but at least its 'alive'...

I currently race a 460 powered, nitrous snorting '88 Mustang. It has run 11.0 on the motor and 10.15 on a small hit of juice. This is the car that brought me the title 'Fastest Street Car in Alberta - 1999'. The race took place in August at Calgary's own Race City Motorsport Park, and brought competitors from all over Alberta and even a couple brave souls from Saskatchewan and BC. Future plans for this car include minor changes to get it to run tens on the motor, and nines with a bit of the funny stuff.

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I'm not sure who said it first, but the immortal words "Drive It Like You Hate It" are perfectly exemplified by Wayne's Supercharged 351w Mustang/Capri and broken axle. Keep in mind one other piece of advice - if you don't want to break it, you shouldn't be racing it.  Breakage is a daily norm at the drag strip, so if you want to make the power, don't be surprised when parts start letting go!

I hear a lot of guys whining about parts not showing up, parts costing too much, a machinist taking too long etc. My theory is that you should always expect it to cost twice as much and take twice as long to complete as you originally think.  If you have this mentality from the get go, if it cost less than twice as much, you will be happy because it came in under budget!  Twisted thinking?  Maybe.  My opinion is to just take your time, and don't rush anything. Research carefully, and don't go and blindly drop $20,000 at a speed shop and tell them "Make it fast." YOU WILL GET RIPPED OFF. If a speed shop does do work for you, GET A WRITTEN QUOTE ahead of time! An informed and smart consumer is the only way to be. I have been called "Cheap" by every speed shop in the city, and am damn proud of it! Ask around, read magazines and message boards, ask successful racers for opinions. Remember, no one person is "God", and in the end it is up to you to make the right decisions. If your car ends up under-performing, it is no ones fault but your own.

Remember that magazine lie, and only tell half the story. You wouldn't believe how many people I have run into that think its easy to run nines and eights in a street car.  These are usually the guys that have never been to the track and think their 14 second car will run 11's because they have underdrive pulleys and a 4" exhaust tip.  What magazines don't tell you is that the guy running eights in anything that resembles a street car has a good $50,000 into it and carries a spare tranny, rear end, motor and 2 set of slicks in the trailer.

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