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The Calgary Scene

This page is dedicated to Calgary's car scene. I will have some pictures of car shows, gatherings, cruises and other events as they happen. Check back once in a while, and see whats new.


April 30th, 2000 - Annual "Spring Thaw" at Deerfoot Mall - over 600 cars this year!

This is always one of the biggest shows in the city. Almost any specialty car is welcome, and it gives locals a chance to come out and show off what they've done over the winter. The crowds were unbelievable, and I don't think I got one single picture without a person in it.

I'm not going to bother with many words, it will mainly be pictures for you to see. Of course, I was trying out my new digital camera in low res. mode and ran out of memory. Time for some bigger memory cards... There were alot of cars but I took only a few pictures of the cars that caught my eye. My only complaint is that there was no ordering in how the cars were parked...I kind of like it when all the Mustangs are in one section;-)

Just trying to show the size of the show. Couldn't get a good picture of this, should have tried from the highway coming in.

Cool Chevy
Yeah, its a Chubby, but had 454 power.
A Cobra....droool!
Always a favourite!
Another angle....
Classic sports cars
Porsche, Cobra, Ferrari....
Mopar in that awfull green

My buddy Randy....typical Mopar guy.
Mopar Humour
hehehe, I like this sticker on Randy's Dart
I don't know what it is, but it sure was cool looking.
Always a classic
Baby T

Always loved the early 70's Camaro.
Grand Nationals
Nice cars, too bad they're slow ;-)
Where's Magnum?
Ferrari, Ferrari, Ferrari.
Ferrari and friend.
Ferrari, and friend.

Voted Kids favourite of show...