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What site would be complete without some videos?? Here are some of my favourites, and I will add more as I get some. Most will be in .wmv format since it seems to be the most compact. Most are in WMV 8 format, some maybe in 9. I hate how Microsoft does this, but you got to give em credit as the files are about 1/2 the size they would be in .mpg or .avi.

At The Track

One of my 9 second runs. A 9.88 At 139 mph at the 2002 shootout where I was DQ'd for not having a NHRA liscence.

My winning run from the Calgary Street Car 1999 shootout. 10.15 @ 136 mph.

Just a all motor low 10 second pass... SWEEEET 460 sound.

My stockish Omni vs. Newbie driver in '03 Viper, The Viper was a faster car, but his sleepy reaction and a blown shift helped me out ;~)

Derek's awesome T76 turbo Mustang. Even gave the other guy a head start ;~). 9.4 pass. The car is making an avg. of 60 more rwhp now!


On The Dyno
As you may know, I own a awesome Mustang MD250 dyno. Here are a few vids of the dyno in action....

Mau's 600+ hp Supra making a "sweep" power run on the dyno....WAY cool turbo sound.

A FWD Lancer with 2.5 intercooled Turbo motor. More power then a 5.0 or 4.6 Mustang!

The MD250 can perform over a dozen different tests.... Here is a low 14 second V6 ranger doing a Quarter Mile Simulation.

Street Racing
Do I approve of this "illegal" activity? If done in a safe manner, yes, I see no harm despite what the police say. The punks that tear it up on public streets, endangering the general public should be shot, but a safe deserted location, no other traffic, no booze or drugs, safe long street is fine IMHO. The people watching in these videos are there to watch the races, and are not "innocent" bystanders. The City of Calgary gave the skaters a skate board park, I don't see why on the weekends they dont give street racers a shut down deserted road to tear it up on! These videos are old enough so the police cannot charge the participants.

Way cool FFR Cobra Replica versus 12 second Mustang.

Very cool video. 600rwhp Porsche 930 versus a 900hp big inch roots blown Chev motor Challenger.... on a roll, come blasting by us at over 100mph...

This is a 9 second turbo Mustang taking on a nitoused Hayabusa sueprbike! Dark location (race was out of town), so the video is hard to see...

The FFR Cobra taking on a 440 Challenger.

540+ cu in Muscle Mopar versus a warmed over nitroused 302 Mustang.

Big inch, 900hp roots blown, Chev powered Challenger versus a 440 nitrous Dart.