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UPDATED!!! Decided to offer a few other items on here that I can get at reasonable prices for us Canadians. Soooo, I split the page up into 2 halves. The top half will be new parts, the bottom half will be used parts...If you have questions, feel free to email me! tax!

4.6L/5.0 "SS" Cobra Clutch kit
This is all the clutch you need for a car that makes in the neighborhood of 400 rear wheel horsepower. I had this same clutch in my supercharged coupe for over 2 years, street and strip, and it is still going strong with the new owner. Offers significantly greater torque capacity over stock without increased pedal effort. Organic clutch facing on both sides.

ONLY $290 Canadian! (no tax)

OEM Stock Replacement Clutch for 4.6/5.0
Were you perfectly happy with your stock clutch? Alot of people are, and not everyone needs a "Cobra" clutch. If you want OEM quality stock replacement clutch for your mild 4.6/5.0, why spend the extra money on the Cobra?? All new componenets, not "rebuilt" like some other places offer. OEM manufacturer (Valeo).

Only $190 Canadian (no tax)

FINALLY, Affordable Home CC'ing Kit!!
Accurately CC your own cylinder head chambers, piston dishes, Valve Pockets, Ports etc. Wherever you need to accurately know your volumes. No need to spend $200+ on a 'pro' setup.

• Medical grade Serological Pipette with big, easy to read graduations.
...(These are either 35cc or 60cc, graduations are either 0.5cc or 1cc.
... To cc a larger chamber, just fill the pipette twice).
• Medical grade serological syringe
• 4 3/4" x 4 3/4" Plexi plate to seal chambers, cylinder bore etc.

$25 Canadian



Motorsport X303 hydraulic roller camshaft. Excellent power 4000 to 6500 rpm on 302 or 351w

•286º/286º Duration, 224º/224º at .050" lift
•112º Lobe Separation
• .542"/.542" lift

This cam made 400rwhp in a carbureted, naturally aspirated 347 stroker.

$150 Canadian $95 US



Nitrous Refill Station . High Pressure Cryogenic pump.

• Nitrous Works brand refill "station"
• High pressure pump runs of you 100psi air line
• Comes with pressure guage and valves
• Only used to fill about 8 bottles

Paid over $1200

$750 Canadian, $475US

C4 Swap parts....what you need to put a C4 in your 79-93 Mustang

• Comes with proper flexplate
• Automatic shifer and rod (from early model Mustang) stupid cables to fuss with!
• 10" 2400 stall TCS Converter with front and rear anti-balooning plates (for nitrous/blowers)
(stall speed can be changed by sending converter into TCS)

$450 Canadian $300US

16" High Performance Electric Fan

• 2200 cfm
• Paid $179+tax at Mopac
• Used only a few hundred miles

$100 Canadian

12" Summit Electric Fan...Never Used

• 1200 cfm
• Thin design
• Paid $110 Canadian

$75 Canadian

Ford 2.3 Litre Motors

• I have 2. Both are good running motors with high mileage out of 1989 Mustangs.
• Can be heard running

$200 each Canadian

Miscelaneous Parts and stuff

• 15" Electric fans from Citations. Have 2, They wrok, move good air. $20 each
• 5.0L stock cylinder heads. Complete, minus some rockers $100
• Bored factory MAF out of 1990 Stang (61mm) sensor, good fora few hp $40
• 30/40amp Bosch style 12v you should run power to fans,
... fuel pumps etc. $3.50 each (new) (Don't get jiffed paying $10 at Auto
... Value or Parts Source)
• Relay socket with wires. Neaten up relay wiring....plug in socket $3 each (new)