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Wayne's Killer Capri…

This car is for sale! It Is actually an '83 Capri, with '90 GT Mustang Cosmetics and Full GT interior. The only thing that can ever give this car away as a Capri is the fenders. Wayne is a bit of a perfectionist so the car is ultra clean, and has very very sharp paint.

Wayne is building a new car, and may want to keep the supercharger….but I know if it was me…everything is for sale if the price is right….. seriously though, if you are interested, the car is for sale, and you can call Wayne to get all the details.

Calgary number (403) 235-5321

Oh yeah, before I forget, the axles have been fixed!
Anyway, currently it has 351w power, with custom built Victor Jr. fuel injected intake, and ran 12.0's@112mph on motor alone. With 7 psi from the intercooled procahrger kit, it ran 11.0@127mph in Calgary which is simply amazing given our elevation.

It has a torque link rear suspenion, MAC 3" Pro Chamber off road pipe and 3" Cat back (sounds WAY better than the 2.5" MAC stuff for some reason). The car is a perfect driver, and Wayne loves to cruise it.

Like I said earlier about the blower, I'm not sure excatly what all comes with the car, so call him if you want better details.