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the Ultimate ONE Multi Vitamin Formula
The most complete vitamin formula to date.
To achieve optimum health, you must first achieve Ultimate nutrition.

There are hundeds of multi vitamin formulas on the market. Most of them either do not contain enough of the neccessary nutrients for optimum health, or the amounts of a specific nutrient they contain is laughable! As an example, a popular multi vitamin formula contains 10mcg of Selenium (a crucial anti-oxidant with cancer fighting properties).....the Ultimate One contains 100mcg! 10 times more (just one tablet a day would give you the reccomended Selenium dosage*!)

If this sounds interesting, read on, and check the label information at the bottom. Print it out, adn compare it to your multi vitamin! We are sure you will agree that there is nothing even close the the Ultimate One.


Anyone that has wandered the isles of a health food store at one time, or read a book on nutrition must surely kown the overwhelming feeling that comes with the experience. The magnitude of the selctions, and the idea of swallowing 20 or more vitamin pills a day is enough to make anyone decide that this nutrition stuff is just not worth it!

A similar experience prompted the discovery of this product.... read on...

Dietary supplement for weight loss, cardiovascular health and lowering cholesterol:
The list was fairly short, but the required supplements were rare and expensive:
•Chromium - Works with insulin in proper sugar metabolism, protein transport, lowers blood pressure.
•Coenzyme Q10 - Weight loss, heart function and immune system function
•Pantothenic Acid - Converting fats and sugars to energy, adrenal gland function
•Choline - Works with inositol so the body can utilize fats and cholesterol, helps prevent artherosclerosis, aids in memory.
•Inositol - Metabolizes fats and cholesterol, helps prevent cholesterol deposits in arteries.
•Methionine - Another lipotropic that prevents accumulation of cholesterol.
•B Complexes - many uses, from brain function, to proper hormone production.
•Iodine - ensures proper thyroid fucntion for weight loss and high energy levels.

PLUS many more. The problem is, if you buy these separately, the cost is VERY high, and if you buy a multi vitamin that containes these, the dosages are laughably low....sometimes as much as 1/10th lower then in the Ultimate One, and far lower then an effetive doasge according to nutritional specialists [1] [2].

Dietary supplements for general health, cancer prevention, slowing of the aging procces:

By now, everyone has heard of the magic "A.C.E.S." formula for long life, and anti-oxidant properties for cancer prevention and sowing of the aging process. This is a simple formula.... Vitamins C, A (and beta carotene), E and Selenium. The power of these anti-oxidants has been proven numerous times. The Ultimate One contains the reccomended amount of all these supplements (except for C) in ONE pill!

The C requirement is impossible to fill with one pill. Vitamin C is water soluble, and any excess is discarded in the urine. I reccomend either 2 time release 1000 mg capsules per day, or four 500 mg capsules taken every 4 hours or so (especially if you smoke, or work in a smoke filled environment), vitamin C has been shown to protect against the oxidizing affects of cigarette smoke.

Enough me the label!!

Each Caplet Provides
Beta Carotene
Vitamin A
Vitamin D3
Vitamin E
Vitamin C
Vitamin B1
Vitamin B2
Vitamin B3 (niacin)
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12
Folic Acid
Pantothetic Acid
CO E Q10

10,000 IU
2,500 IU
400 IU
100 IU
150 mg
35 mg
40 mg
30 mg
20 mg
35 mg
100 mcg
1 mg
50 mcg
25 mg
0.2 mg
125 mg
63 mg
15 mg
18 mg
1.5 mg
0.3 mg
5 mg
35 mg
200 mcg

Each Caplet Provides
Citrus Bioflavanoids
Glutamic Acid HCl

Bilberry Extract
American Ginseng
Chaste Tree Bark
Ginkgo Biloba
Prickley Ash
Black Cohosh

100 mcg
50 mcg
50 mg
35 mg
15 mg
50 mcg
10 mg
50 mg
25 mg
15 mg
25 ng
20 mg

ONLY $25 per bottle of 120 tablets! That is 4 months of nutrition for only $25!! Add $2.50 per bottle for shipping and handeling, anywhere in the Continental US and Canada**.

**PayPal only, and payment to account (US funds) . Make sure to include name, phone number, and email address as well as your address on the paypal screen. Click the PayPal Icon to be taken there directly.

*Optimum dosage will vary from person to person and thier deficiency level. Although 1 tablet is the reccomended daily dosage, people over 200 pounds may wish to take 2 per day. See your doctor.

[1] Dr. Earl Mindell's Vitamin Bible - available at most bookstores, highly reccomended with succinct explanations of function, as well as reccomended doses versus RDA's.

[2] Dr. Robert C. Atkins Nutrition Breakthrough. avaialble in most bookstores, great dietary companion.

!!Nu Life's The Ultimate One is a proud sponsor of Canada's Olympic Team!!